The H50 combines impressive range with inductive charging for flexible communications at and away from the chart table. The compact B&G H50 wireless VHF handset features a powerful speaker, integral AIS vessel display, ergonomic rubber over moulding and six keys including Channel 16, for reliable contact wherever you are on board.


Wireless Control
Make calls, scroll through channels, view AIS data and even initiate distress functions with this easy to use handset.


Communicate with the base station and other remote stations to relay vital information to crew members.


Inductive Charging
Simply charge using the induction plate on the back of the Handset for 8 hours of battery life


Up to 100m Range From Base
The long operational working range covers even the largest of vessels. Handset operable up to 100m from base, so potentially up to 200m handset to handset


Keypad Lock
Avoid unintentional operation, the handset also includes a handy belt clip and headphone jack for freeing your hands.


Fully Waterproof
Certified to IPX7 standard.

B&G H50 Wireless VHF Handset

    • Portable VHF handset
    • In-built speaker and front mic
    • Intercom functionality
    • AIS vessel display
    • 200m range handset to handset
    • MOB
    • 8 hours battery